Friday, March 24, 2017

#10 Cans Storing the Unused Contents for Later

The issue I have with using #10 cans of dehydrated foods is I don’t use the entire can in a couple months. Normally, I fill a 1-quart canning jar to cook out of that one and the remaining amount is re-packed in three canning jars with absorbers for later use.

Today, I had to open another #10 can but didn’t have any extra canning jars. So I decided to try vacuum bagging the remaining amount and put the bagged amount back into the #10 can. It worked out perfectly. Now when I need to re-fill the working jar I simply will cut off the top of the sealed bag, re-fill the working jar and re-vacuum-seal the same bag for next time I need a refill. Quick and easy! The width of the bag stock used is 8 inches wide.

I have not had a rodent problem in all the years of storing food so I’m hoping that the cans plastic lid will deter any rodents should they find a way into my storage area. We’ll see.

Here’s the #10 can, the 1-quart canning jar, the vacuum sealer and the remaining contents of the can vacuum bagged with an oxygen absorber inside.

The remaining bagged contents of the can slipped inside the original can.

The bags top is folded over and fits nicely inside the original can.

The cans plastic lid on and the 1-quart canning jar I bake or cook from.

Summary; instead of using canning jars for storing the unused food, (currently about 30 are needed), I can now use the same #10 can to store the unused contents back into for storage. With this method, I will save a considerable amount of food storage shelf space by not using canning jars for storage and now be able to use that saved space for other food items. When it comes to prepping storage you can never have enough shelf space!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pistol Training Videos Semi-Auto

For the new or occasional shooter and even a seasoned pistol shooter who may have picked up some bad habits, here are some of the fine points on how to shoot your semi-auto pistol created by Glock. Each video is short, about 2 minutes and very clear about each of the basic points of accurate handgun shooting.

Glock Link:

Glock Statement:
Welcome to GLOCK University, a place for higher handgun education. Below you'll find professional instruction on getting the most from your GLOCK pistol. Select basic training for GLOCK shooting fundamentals or advanced training for more advanced techniques.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

“North Korea amps up worries about potential threat to the U.S. power grid”

Well, it finally looks like a few cupcake newspapers are starting to realize that North Korea and their nukes can, with one missile and an EMP/nuke warhead on top of it, can end grid-life as we know it here in the USA and Canada for six months or much, much longer.

Original story source:  The San Diego Union-Tribune, Reprinted by the Jacksonville, Fl, Times-Union Newspaper.

Friday, March 10, 2017

LED Lighting

Off-Grid or just want to save money? LED’s have finally come of age. They arrived with performance, long life and compatibility with incandescent fixtures compared to the current CFL’s.

I’ve worked with LED’s for use in the medical devices we designed and I can say the last seven years have seen dramatic improvements in LED technology. I prefer LED’s over CFL’s because of their long working life and lower operating watts.

Our Gov should have waited with the CFL’s and pushed for the development of LED’s, but hey, what would you expect from them.

Yesterday, I was at Sam’s Club and in the isle they had several skids loaded with GE, LED 60-watt equivalent bulbs. I stopped, read the packaging and bought 3, 6-packs of them. The price, $9.99 for six LED’s or $1.66 each. Each is estimated to last 13.9 years at 3 hours a day of use.

Their reduced size now allows them to fit in existing table lamps, fixtures, etc. The light they emit is smooth even light, no shadowy gray areas or doughnut holes. They completely replicate the light and output of an incandescent 60-watt bulb but instead of using 60 watts they use only 9 watts

Amazon link for more information:

 LED vs 100-watt incandescent.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Salt Substitute to Limit Your Salt Intake

It is common knowledge that consuming excess salt is not healthy. I am lucky that I can eat anything I like and include extra salt on the meal (I’m a saltaholic). I always add salt to a prepared meal because it tastes good.

Trying to eat foods with low salt content can be a challenge and for many like myself, don’t want to be bothered with it or it’s higher cost. My blood pressure is still in the 120’s, not bad for my age, so paying attention to my salt intake has not been a critical issue for me. However, there are many other critical health issues related to salt intake. Please see the link to WebMD below for the full story.

I need to lose some weight, so I am changing what I eat, the serving sizes and eliminate snacking. While putting a plan together for myself I decided to reduce my table added salt intake at the same time. Now, for my cooking and baking I choose not to use a salt substitute in the meal preparations to retain the good tasting meals. Truthfully, little salt is used in home prepared foods so I need to just change the additional salt I add to the meals at the table and use a ‘salt substitute’.

So the search for a salt substitute began. I didn’t want a ‘reduced’ salt substitute but wanted to eliminate the salt altogether. I’ve noticed that buying any food that is labeled reduced salt, fat, carbs or calories, generally tastes like poop! Same is true for salt substitutes, they just don’t taste right until I tried the “Morton Salt Substitute”. This is so close to real salt that I have made the switch to it for all my table salt additions!

If you’re looking for a salt substitute try it, I think you’ll be surprised!

Most of the information on nutrition labels can help you stay healthy. Heeding one number in particular -- sodium levels -- just might save your life.
Salt, which is sodium chloride, has long been linked to high blood pressure. And high blood pressure, or hypertension, which afflicts nearly one in three Americans, is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease.
Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood against artery walls. When it rises too high, the pressure causes damage to many organs, including heartkidneysbrain, and even eyes. By 2025, predictions suggest, 60% of Americans will have high blood pressure.
Salt isn’t the only cause of high blood pressure. Lack of exercise, poor diets, and inherited risk also contribute. “But Americans consume way too much salt, mostly in processed foods,” said University of Pennsylvania nutrition expert Lisa Hark, author of Nutrition for Life. “Cutting back on high-sodium foods is one simple way to lower your risk.””

Link to complete article:

For more Morton Salt Substitute product info here’s a link to Amazon.
You’ll notice they don’t give this substitute away, but in the long term the unknown benefits may be well worth it.